Monday, September 15, 2008

Are we smarter than the media?

It seems like some people think all we care about is lipstick on pigs instead of real issues this election, which may be the most important in our lifetimes. Are you as tired of all the political lies and half-truths as I am? Check out if you really want to see just how bad it is this election. (Even the media can't keep pace...)

Or, check out this funny, thought-provoking video of a monologue by comedian Craig Ferguson. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican or somewhere in between, I hope it will make you laugh AND think about what we all should be doing between now and November 5.

If you care about more than the fact that both presidential candidates used the "lipstick on a pig" expression and want to know what these people are planning to do for our country on taxes, the economy, the war, health care, environment, etc., visit: or

Do you think the media is taking this election seriously? Are you?


MaxWriter said...

Pat, that was fantastic. Thank you SO much for posting that. I'm going to alert everybody I know to it, including my own "young people" (sons of voting age, who, I am thankful to report, are both registered and are committed voters). I'm such a non-TV type that I have never heard of Craig Ferguson, but I'll look for him now.

Pat Remick said...

Thanks Edith! I hope you'll also pass on the web site... there's soooo much misinformation out there!
Bests, Pat