Sunday, June 27, 2010

Live Bodies in the Room

Last week I attended an author event at my local independent bookstore that drew over 100 people and because I'm involved in one scheduled there this week, I really hope all those readers don't stay home to finish his book.

RiverRun Bookstore has been predicting Justin Cronin will soon be a household name for "The Passage" -- as big of a name as Stephen King and Dan Brown, which helped draw a crowd that, ironically, included one of King's sons. While I wish Justin Cronin every success, I'm wondering what's going to happen for the writers that follow him on the schedule of over 150 events the bookstore hosts each year.

I'm certain Hank Phillippi Ryan, Sheila Connolly, Susan Oleksiw, Steve Liskow and I will have a great time discussing "Beach Reads" recommendations with those who do come out Tuesday night (June 29). For a mystery author, having live bodies in a room -- even if they don't buy books -- is a wonderful thing. The event also will be "livestreamed" so anyone with a computer and Internet access can watch from anywhere in the world via beginning at 7 p.m. -- and submit questions via Twitter.

But an author's fear of a small crowd, or no one at all, showing up is not unwarranted. Athough I love attending book events (click here to see a previous post on the topic), even best-selling, multi-published authors can find themselves sitting alone a table waiting for someone -- anyone at all -- to ask for their autograph or about their book.

Click on the video below for Parnell Hall's humorous take on this topic and see if you can spot me in the line -- to meet Mary Higgins Clark.

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MaxWriter said...

That is hilarious! (And scary?) Makes me want to read his books, actually. Thanks for sharing (and see you tomorrow night!).