Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 -- Everything is Possible

As we move into the new year, I’m having a difficult time saying goodbye to Christmas.

No. 1 son relented and let us fly him home for 24 hours, a wonderful gift to a mother dreading her first Christmas Day away from a child. As No. 2 son observed, we managed to get in most of our holiday traditions with only minor schedule juggling. We spent time with people we love. And my beloved husband gave me the incredibly thoughtful gift of guest blogs -- the first is below -- so I can spend more time on my novel.

Although I’m very hopeful about the new year, I don’t want the Christmas glow to end. That's made it difficult to make a decision on New Year’s resolutions. It might be more fun to make unresolutions – things we resolve NOT to change. Or should I follow one of the umpteen suggestions for life changes, like using a daily online habit tracker to help “get control” of my life?

As I sit here surrounded by holiday decorations and waffling about resolutions, Frank has plunged into 2009 (as you can read below). But we both believe that in 2009 -- everything is possible. Don't you?

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